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 Our Care Philosophy


Life with headaches doesn’t feel like much of a life at all.

Migraine is not “just a headache” and for many patients, it can be disabling.  Despite being a common condition, the options for care involve long wait times, loud and chaotic spaces, or contain bright lights that are not conducive to someone with severe head pain.  In an attempt to create an environment that caters to those who suffer from migraines, Dr. O’Brien developed the Headache Center of Hope.

Our experienced medical professionals are committed to putting your healing needs first. We are proud to provide quality, comprehensive care in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Our wellness-based approach is designed around you and our goal is to get you back to the life you love.

Our staff is here for you. We know that reoccurring headaches don’t wait, and so, we’re committed to scheduling appointments within days, not weeks or months.

Your best days are on the other side of headaches. Let us help you get there!

Our goal is to establish unique relationships with our patients through a membership model, taking the time to hear your challenges and provide a personalized plan that combines traditional, holistic, and naturopathic modalities.

Concierge Services

Meet Dr. Hope O'Brien
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CEO, Medical Director


As the Founder & CEO of the Headache Center of Hope, it's Dr. Hope O'Brien's dream to see her patients return to the life they love. With an extensive education in neuroscience, Dr. Hope brings years of experience in headache medicine to her practice...

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