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Hope L.  O' Brien
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Hope O’Brien, MD, MBA, FAHS, FAAN is the founder and CEO of Headache Center of Hope.  Dr. O’Brien was born in Long Island, New York, to parents, both registered nurses, of Jamaican descent.  


Dr. O’Brien is an award-winning neurologist who brings years of experience to her practice along with extensive education in Neuroscience and training in Clinical Neurology & Headache Medicine. She completed her residency in adult neurology at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. O’Brien went on to study headache medicine and was recruited to join the faculty at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. While there, she established the Young Adult Headache Program, which focused on the needs of adolescents and young adults (ages 15-26) with headaches. 


Dr. O’Brien’s research endeavors have centered on the improvement of outcomes for patients with migraines and have resulted in numerous publications and lecture presentations.  Her vision is to see patients, regardless of age, return to the life they love.  

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