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About Us


 Life with headaches doesn’t feel like much of a life at all. This is why Dr. Hope O’Brien opened the Headache Center of Hope. Creating a space and opportunity for the synergy of modern medicine and holistic remedies to produce wholeness and healing for a headache-free life.


We have faith that your best days are on the other side of headaches. Put your trust in our team, we can help you get there! 


We’re committed to efficiency; scheduling appointments within days, not weeks or months.


During your consultation, our experienced doctors and medical professionals listen with empathy and are committed to putting your healing needs first. We provide each patient with an innovative personalized medical treatment plan focused on eliminating pain and suffering from headaches. 


We are proud to provide quality, comprehensive care in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Our wellness-based approach is designed around you and our goal is to get you back to the life you love; a life that’s headache-free!

Headache Center of Hope Atrium
Hope For a Life Without Headaches Starts Here
Mission Vison Values
Care Team
Meet Dr. Hope O'Brien
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CEO, Medical Director

Dr. O’Brien is passionate about giving back to the community and credits her success to Jesus Christ!  She enjoys …

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