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  • What are Concierge Services?
    Concierge Services are a pre-arranged agreement between doctor and patient, where the patient commits to paying a retainer or annual fee to secure service. Within the Concierge Service model, the patient benefits from real relationship building with the doctor. The doctor benefits from a more predictable case load with more time built in for true diagnostic work. Appointments are more timely but the patient retains the ability to access the doctor outside office hours.
  • How do I know when it is time to seek professional care for headache pain?
    This answer is different for everyone but one thing we know is that if chronic or acute headaches are keeping you from living your life to the fullest, it’s time to come see us. Oftentimes that might look like more than 3 headaches per month, headaches that keep you from work or social engagements, lack of response to OTC medication, or a history of failed treatment. If any of these apply to you, make an appointment!
  • How is payment structured?
    Here at HCOH, we use a concierge/membership model to make sure our patients and providers are making the most of our time together. Within this model, our patients get greater access to their physician, quicker turnaround on appointment times, and a more customizable approach to treatment. Payment can be made monthly, or, annually with a discount.
  • How is your practice different from other headache pain management providers?
    With standard treatment, the goal is to reduce the number of headaches a patient is experiencing by utilizing traditional therapies. At HCOH, our goal is to identify triggers and develop holistic treatment plans designed to fit the patient we serve. These plans combine a proven standard of care treatments with trusted naturopathic options to create a customizable solution that can evolve with the patient over time.
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